29 Linden Street

Discarded aggregate form and sub-symbiotic materiality 
are not necessarily intended by industry standards, 
but are gestures on mankind nonetheless. Ambient 
relationships of form are altered by the transgression 
of humans on environments. Destroyed, they are 
once again re-used or reborn as art, and architecture 
akin to patterns or phenomenological idiosyncrasies. An 
experiential module is placed at intersections and the 
users are encouraged to make changes to them as they may 
see fit. This, in turn, may be neglected or recorded, or 
relayed, to any chance personal encounter – by subsequent 
users; and histories of fragmented places are 
honored – and made purposed by each identifiable salients. 
De-Ambient mechanisms or deconstructivism is unintended 
but is the alternate domain of "piece". Mortar and harmony, 
thorough investigations, simultaneous to the sinuous 
patterns of crafted time – are everyday. 

Experimental + Conceptual Artist; Architectural 
Designer + Draftsman; Composer + Writer... 
For example, using a concept art prototype to 
define the following in deeper hypotheses: 
Exploring site spatial application towards 
societal awareness through subtle or blatant 
artistic performances. Attempting to generate 
non-conformist or quasi subversive languages 
used, within this concept-art. Extracting 
recognizant themes through assembled applications 
in recognizable habitual passages of times 
and meanings when placements are made. Taking 
concept art forms off-road while minimally masking 
it from full obscurity.